Step 1 - Let's Chat

The first thing we need to do is to have a consultation either over the phone, via email, or if you're local, in person.  We'll discuss all of your many options, as well as establish the details for what you'd like to see in your invitation suite.  During our meeting you'll get to see plenty of samples that you are more than welcome to personalize, or we can create a brand spankin' new one just for you!  Send use your ideas - you're even welcome to send Pinterest boards!

Step 2 - The Figures

After speaking with you about what you'd like, we'll create a line by line estimate based upon the materials you've specified.  Not to worry, the estimate can be adjusted to work within your budgdt by making slight changes if necessary.  Though not required, it is extremely helpful to know your budget initially so that we can design an invitation to your specific needs.  

Step 3 - Let's Get the Party Started

After you've reviewed the estimate pricing and details, we need your signed approval on the suite quote, contract and a 50% non-refundable deposit (or if your order is under $500, payment in full) in order to schedule proofs and begin.  At this time we'll also need you to start working on and submit your wording preferences in an unformatted word document.  If you need it, we can send you some examples as well. 

Step 4 - Let's Get to Work

Once we've received the deposit, your signed quote and contrat and your wording selections, we will put your order into the proof queue.  During this time, your work of art is being designed.  Once it is complete, you will receive your first electronic proof to make revisions from.  After that, if any changes need to be made, we will provide a second round of proofs.  Should more proofs be required after this, a $20 charge will be incurred to cover our design time.  Physical mock-ups are available and will be priced on a case by case basis due to the wide range of options offered.  We're not trying to be stingy here, it's just that buying materials in small quantities for mock-ups gets quite expensive. 

Step 5 - Decisions, Decisions!

Almost done....once we've gotten everything exactly to your liking and you're ready to make this vision into a reality, we will need your final approval.  Now we are able to get to work ordering, printing, and putting together your order!  After you've received them and are ready to start on any other accessory pieces, we will do step number 4 over again for those pieces.  The same proof policy applies to each piece.  

Step 6 - Get Excited!

No really, get excited!  You'll be able to check invitations (and any other stationery that you ordered) off of your wedding-to-do list!  The completed stationery suite will be shipped to you upon completion and receipt of final payment via USPS Priority.  If you would prefer not to have your order shipped, you can opt to have it hand delivered right to your doorstep for a  $50 fee (for locals only).  Most orders are completed within a month and a half of final approval.  However, for more elaborate custom orders, 2-3 additional weeks may be necessary, but we'll let you know that at the time of the estimate.  We recommend that you order your invitations 6 months from your wedding or event date, and no later than 4 months out to avoid rushing.  When possible, we may be able to accommodate rush orders for additional fees.