What Should Be Included?


When it comes to what you need in your invitation suite, it can get confusing and overwhelming. How many envelopes should go in? Do I need to send out information for the wedding weekend with the invitation or when they arrive? Does the thickness of the actual invitation matter? Many questions can arise when debating how to create your wedding invitation suite, but lucky for you, we have the answers for you here!

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What's traditionally included in an invitation suite is the outer envelope, invitation, RSVP card, and the return envelope. For those of you who don't know what those items are, here are the details: the outer envelope is where you put your guest's address so they can receive the request, invitations include the details for the actual wedding day such as your names, date, time, etc. Your RSVP card is where your loved ones will state their status and, as you can guess, the return envelope has your address on it for the attendees to send their RSVP card back in (make sure to add a stamp for your guest's convenience).

Now looking to spruce up that traditional invitation with some fun flare?! We are full of clever ideas.

Is your wedding more of a full weekend affair or just the wedding day? We always suggest adding in an information card that lays out the timeline for the weekend. What events will you be having and where will they be hosted. In addition to that, we love to make custom maps that correlate with your timeline of events. Your map will mark where the ceremony is in relation to the reception, dictate where the rehearsal dinner is being held, and whatever other parties you have on the schedule!

An envelope liner is a creative extension of your wedding invitation. Have it match the color of the font on your invitation and your guests will be blown away by the thought that went into your cards. A double envelope can also be a great way to preserve the liner of the envelope and to announce exactly who is invited to your special day. Adding a belly band around your invitation, which is a piece of paper that wraps around your invitation like a present, creates a finishing touch to your wedding introduction.

Calligraphy, thicker paper, lace or ribbon accents and foiling are all other fun touches you can make to your invitations, but of course not necessary like an RSVP card is.

Now that you have learned the ins and outs of what comes in your wedding invitation suite, you are ready to get the planning going! Cheers and we hope to see you in here soon.

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