{ Typography } Samantha Script

How can you not love this swirly, but totally readable script font?? With all of the fun flourishes and glyphs that you can use to make each word so unique, I'm definitely in love. Created by Laura Worthington a couple years ago, this font blends elegance with a fun kind of quirkiness that is so versatile when using it for wedding stationery. One of the chief complaints I get about scripts are that they are too difficult to read, or create a sensory overload when looking at them. This one, however, draws the reader in { without creating ocular seizures }, and still has a special "flair" and almost calligraphic feel to it. It would combine well with a nice sans-serif or serif font also. Oh how I <3 fonts... Samantha Script can be found on MyFonts.com with many different buying choices choose from.

xoxo, Kristen