{ Typography } Bellucia

BELLUCCIA Belluccia is font by designers Debi Sementelli and Brian J. Bonislawsky and happens to be one of our favs around here! Isn't it romantic and pretty? From her experience as an actual calligrapher and working with brides for years, Debi designed this font specifically with weddings - and invitations specifically - in mind, and I can't thank her enough. It definitely has that "hand-written", almost vintage looking vibe to it. Oh, and it has so many different glyphs and options to play with { yes, I happen to have fun "playing" with cool fonts, don't judge me! }, that you could type the same thing hundreds of different ways, all with different styles. This means that you can have as little or as many curls and swirls that your heart desires for your particular taste and style!

It honestly seems like a lot of couples are choosing this font these days, and I can't say that I mind one bit! So, if you're looking to have a calligraphic, elegant, yet not too stuffy font for your dream invitations, this is the font for you!