Paper Goods for the Photographers


Earlier this month, we were lucky enough to provide paper goods for a photography workshop here in Charleston. A large group of photographer's in from the area gathered to learn how to better shoot weddings and acquire the skills of how to properly style products. We would say they knocked it out of the park! The images they produced truly took our breath away and made our jaws drop. We found it so interesting to see how each photographer's style differed from each other. Below, we wanted to share some of our favorite shots from each artist. Enjoy the bright colors and unique techniques these ladies used!

Dana Cubbage Weddings pictures below.

© Dana Cubbage Weddings 2016

We just adored the way Dana styled our invitation suite. Adding some ribbon and flowers to the shot makes it that much more complete and cohesive.

© Dana Cubbage Weddings 2016 © Dana Cubbage Weddings 2016 © Dana Cubbage Weddings 2016© Dana Cubbage Weddings 2016

© Dana Cubbage Weddings 2016 © Dana Cubbage Weddings 2016 © Dana Cubbage Weddings 2016

Caroline Ro Photography's pictures below.


Although these were models and not a real couple, we felt as though Caroline Ro did an amazing job capturing the moments they shared.

SSW-Charleston-Caroline-15 SSW-Charleston-Caroline-26 SSW-Charleston-Caroline-46

Jenna Marie Weddings pictures below.


Love the contrast between the copper menu with the pale blue napkin. One of our favorite pictures by Jenna Marie!

SSW-Charleston-Jenna-82 SSW-Charleston-Jenna-106

Sara Bee Photography's pictures below.

SSW-Charleston-Sara-41SSW-Charleston-Sara-15 SSW-Charleston-Sara-113 SSW-Charleston-Sara-43

We found Sara to take some unusually, creative shots and we loved it! Like we said above, greenery to your paper goods can go a long way.


Taylor Rae Photography's pictures below.


The brightness in Taylor's photos made us fall in love right off the bat. We wish we could have shared every picture of hers!

  SSW-Charleston-Taylor-108 SSW-Charleston-Taylor-120SSW-Charleston-Taylor-73