Lowcountry Live { Steal vs Splurge }

Did you catch our appearance on Lowcountry Live last week?? We were honored to provide a couple invitations for a "Steal vs. Splurge" segment hosted by the editor in chief of TheKnot.com! We joined Pretty Petals {flowers} and DeClare {cakes} to show the difference between some lower cost choices vs some more expensive choices. We showcased a flat printed invitation with a lace wrap that would be on the lower end of a budget range, and also a more intricately detailed laser cut + letterpress invitation with all the bells and whistles which would be on the higher end of a budget range. They both had similar looks, a lot of ivory and lace, both classic and elegant, but each in completely different price realms. Here's an overview of some of the reasons why a "Splurge" style invitation can end up costing quite a bit more than a "Steal" style invitation: - Letterpress/Foil Stamping. Letterpress is a beautifully historic printing process that provides a soft, textural, luxurious feeling invitation, but the cost can start adding up when combined with other upgrades. It is also charged per color, so the more colors we press, the more the cost of the card. Foil stamping costs even more because of the special dies that are created for it.

- Laser Cutting. Laser Cutting is a design { usually a very intricate one } that is cut/burned out of paper/cardstock using a laser. It is a very unique and highly detailed element, which means it can also get a bit pricey. The lace wrap in the Splurge set was laser cut.

- Layers. Anytime you add a layer, whether flush mounted or reveal mounted, it will add extra cost because it requires glue and labor time. In the Splurge set, the invitation had a gold reveal mounted backer layer.

- Embellishments. Embellishments can be anything from rhinestones, to dried flowers, to ribbon, anything out of the ordinary from printing really. There was a small Swarovski crystal adhered to the top center of the Splurge invitation.

- Size. Bigger invitations or cards mean more paper, so more printing, more materials, and more cost.

- Quantity of Cards or Envelopes. The more different cards you order { let's say invitation, response cards, reception card, map card, accommodation card, website card, etc. } the more design work, printing, materials, and cost. The Splurge set had 4 cards and 3 envelopes in it { double mailing envelopes and a response envelope }, whereas the Steal set had only 2 cards and 2 envelopes.

Those are just a few of the factors that can make a price jump up, but don't get us wrong, we LOVE these elements!! They are stunningly beautiful and can take an invitation from ehh to wow! These are just some things to keep in mind when looking at invitations that really make the difference between a "Steal" and a "Splurge"! Here are a couple iPhone shots from the segment...