Bye bye, Summer

Wow has it been a whirlwind summer around here! So many birthdays, holidays, our anniversary trip, vacations with family, and needless to say....WEDDINGS! So somehow today is the last day of summer, and I feel like it just began. Busy as it was though, mine was wonderful, and I hope yours was too... Now on to my absolute favorite time of year, FALL! Bring on the pumpkin lattes, caramel spice candles, chilly nights, and boots and sweaters! I'm seriously a fall fanatic. Pretty soon there will be leafy, pumpkiny decorations all around the house, and I can't wait.

PS - 95 days til Christmas! Yes, it may be weird that I'm already thinking about that. But honestly, the only time of year better than Fall is the holiday season!

xoxo Kristen