5 years

My first personal post! If you don't want to read anything mushy gushy, you'll want to skip this one. A letter to my wonderful husband on our 5 year anniversary... 5 years. 60 months. 260 weeks. 1825 days. I really still can't believe that it has been that long since I married you! We have made so many great memories together (no Keith Urban/first dance song pun intended) since that wonderful day, but I seriously feel like it was just last year. I can vividly remember so many of the small details, but the actual day is kind of one big blur. I remember waking up (after too few hours of sleep because you and I practiced our first dance in the hallway of the hotel for wayyy too long) and being full of so many different emotions. I was filled with overwhelming excitement, but also feeling nervous and slightly stressed (not much has changed huh?). I remember the weather outside being pretty blah for the middle of June, mostly cloudy with a chance of rain, ick. I went down to the lobby to have scones (you know, the caramel toffee ones we love so much from Target!) and mimosas with all the girls, all while you were probably still sleeping you stinker. Then I was whisked away in a huge white SUV limo to get my hair "did" - that was your first surprise to me that day. You played golf with the guys during all this primping and prepping. While I was getting my hair done, I was told that I had to make the call of having the wedding indoors or outdoors because it MIGHT rain. After much hesitation, I chose indoors, obviously. I found out later that it poured really hard rain at the hotel right as guests were boarding the coach to come to the wedding, but it NEVER rained a drop where I was, or at the wedding site so we were able to have outside pictures. I believe that God held a big huge umbrella over me that day. Thank You, God!

Fast forward to when I was getting dressed (ha literally) with all the girls in the little cottage near the reception tent. Just before it was time to go out and wait to walk down the aisle, I was told I had a note and a gift from you. I tried to read it out loud, but started crying and could barely get through it. You always did (and of course still do) send me the sweetest, most loving notes that express exactly how you feel so well. The note (and getting to marry you!) was all I could have ever asked for, but of course you surprised me yet again with a diamond tennis bracelet, which of course I wore. Then came the longest half hour of my life. The time that I spent waiting to go through the doors and down the aisle to you felt more like hours. I was shaking. I can't tell you what I did, who I talked to, or what I said during that time, because the only part I can remember is waiting forever to finally walk through those doors and around the corner to you. You were so handsome standing up there in your black tux with silver vest and tie. You haven't changed much ;)

My favorite part of the whole day came next. When we were saying our vows you got emotional and had to stop, not once, but several times. I love that so much. I love you so much.

It was the perfect day, and yet it all went by too fast! We never got any yummy hors d' oeuvres that we so carefully picked out. The cake was missing it's flowers. The band was wearing winter hats and scarves because we forced them to play in front of the AC vents (we were so evil muhaha). You forgot the video camera. I'm pretty sure we didn't correctly use any of the dance lessons that we paid for, but our parents definitely did! We never got our fireworks (thanks a lot Maryland, you suck). Cindy, the band leader randomly and quite awkwardly dedicated "Faithfully" by Journey to us because she thought you were Journey's biggest fan since we put "Don't Stop Believin" on the must play list. We never got our (OK mostly my) princess Rolls Royce to whisk us away because the groom from the wedding rental before ours vomited in it (major wedding fail). Someone, and I might add that they were actually in YOUR bridal party, definitely mooned us on our car ride back to the hotel (haha realll nice). And of course at the end of the night I teared up because it was all over...

But it was all perfect to me. Would I like to do it all over again? Every. Single. Day. But only if you're the one waiting for me at the end of the aisle. You're my best friend, the love of my life, and as cliche as it sounds, my everything. I love you more than words can express babe, happy 5 year anniversary!

All my love forever, Kristen