2013 Color of the Year

In honor of St. Patrick's Day this weekend, I thought I'd take this opportunity to post about Pantone's beautiful 2013 color of the year - Emerald. It's not hard to conjure up a vision of the color emerald - we see it all around us everyday in the trees, grass, and plants everywhere. Unfortunately though, green happens to also be the color of some other, well, not-so-pretty-things too. So, as a result some feel that it can be a bit of a challenge incorporating the color in a romantic way instead of an overly earthy (or overly something else) way on your wedding day. Completely not true!! Emerald can be such an elegant, sophisticated, and classy looking color. Think precious gems, hundred dollar bills, the sparkly and grand Emerald City, and not all that other icky stuff...


Yes, this beautiful vibrant color doesn't have to only be for treehuggers and the eco-obsessed. Green is said to be the color of rejuvenation and new life, and aren't weddings about starting a new life together? And not only that, but I think Emerald is just a fresh, clean, and sophisticated hue in general. Need some inspiration for a beautiful emerald centered wedding? Here ya go!

Emerald Inspiration Board

So, what do you think? Do you agree with Pantone that Emerald will be a trend this year?

I kind of hope so, so that I can design a lovely invitation to match! :)